Introducing "Butch" a ball pit play ball mover.


Custom artwork, custom electrics, all by MDS Leisure


Butch has been a project that was a brain child of Matt and Lexi in the office one morning after a call from our clients at JR Zone on the Isle of Wight.  After a long brain storming between the four of us, with a plethora of ideas, from the weird and wonderful to the practical.  Matt, Julie, Dave and Lexi finally settled on the "box". 


We went into a flurry of  production, or well David and Matt did,  David built the box and designed where the bits and pieces would fit, and after many hours on the original proto-type "Butch" was ready.  


Matt and David  "pad and wrapped" him making him safe for little fingers with an unique flare and design of coverings.




Lexi with close input from Peter and Co at JR Zone came up with

"Butch the Crocodile" he was then hand painted from scratch.






He is now in situ at JR Zone on the Isle of Wight, go pay him a visit and feed him a ball or too, but watch your arm!!