Drmsnie Estate: Scotland 

Our latest soft play refurb took us up north, working for the prestigious Argyll hollidays.  

We started by completely stripping it down to bare steel. This allowed us to see just how our of line this system really was... badly. But we straightened it out to the best of our abilities. 

we added a new tumble tower to the system to give it more accesability since we had to remove the old boards with the whole cut outs. That was a poor design and didnt take health and saftey into consideration. this is much safer and looks alot cleaner.

We brought in two guys we uses quite regularly (Mason and Marcus) to install the pad and wrap, along with all the netting. They flew through this and did a fantastic job with it all. 

We installed new spider nets that enclose the tumble tower and 6 fittness balls for kids too fight through to get to it. Along with loads of new soft play lego shapes for them too play and build stuff with.

This was definitely a fun one with some interesting challenges but we completed it with flying colours. The costomer is so haapy we may have another one of their sites to work on so we have that too look foward too.