On site repair and PIPA testing of all inflatables

MDS Leisure is PIPA registered and can come to your site to repair and test your inflatable equipment; no need to palletise your equipment and send away. We operate very fast turn around times and can usually be on site with you within five working days and where possible repairs are completed there and then, most within one to two hours.

Types of inflatables repairs.

We can repair any inflatable with any level of damage and can do so on site, however, we will advise you if we feel that a repair is not economically viable or in your best interests .


  • Pool Inflatables both sealed and constant flow
  • Bouncy castles (all types)
  • Air landing mats
  • Athletic air tracks
  • Air buildings (any type and size)

Types of repair;


  • Machine sewed
  • Hand sewn
  • New features such as slides and bish-bash bags
  • Bed seam repairs
  • Hot weld
  • Eyelets
  • Rivets
  • Buckles & cams (all types by arrangement)
  • Adhesive

This repair was a very interesting one. This is a hungry hippos style inflatable game using bungie cords. We had to remove parts of the old scrim panel, square it all off and add PVC down both sides to add strength to the material. This will prevent further damage when kids grip hold of the sides.  We reinforced the whole with 50mm webbing to increase this further.

Give us a call and get it repaired!

With many years of experience, we can cope with your repairs on site and with minimum disruption. our work is of high quality and fully guaranteed. Just one call and the unit is repaired in time for those parties or events.

Health and Safety

We have risk assessments in place and are happy to supply a job-specific risk assessment for any work we undertake. MDS take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously and our work and working practises reflect this.