Inflatable manufacturing 

At MDS we can manufacture inflatables in our fully equip workshop. We can create 3d renders in house of your product so you can see exactly what you’re getting. This has helped Matthew massively with the success of the inflatable stage.

Inflatable Stage 

As you can see this stage is a wire frame, this is the stage inside the CAD program. This was produced by lexi a few years ago and people to this day are enquiring about stages. By doing this we can accurately calculate how many panels we will need. Then we manifacture it     

Tumble Track 

This is a gymnastic tumble track, they allow for running and flipping down the lenght of the track to perform stunts . When creating yours we take into account colours of your own team/group. This product comes with 2 year warranty and 1.5hp and H&S Certification for a year.


Our Signiture AirPit is really turning heads wherever they go. we have so many sizes to choose from and they can be especially tailored to suit your needs. This involves the sizes, coloures and any branding you may want. 

The one above lives in Australia 

This is a beast. It proved to be a very complicated task since the bed itself comes to 11.5 m in length and it is 3m wide. Very big. If you look above you will find a video of the Airpit in use. Another happy customer!