Sandy Balls: Fordingbridge 

Sandy balls has a nice lovley little system at one of there sites over at Fordingbridge 

This system is a modular type meaning the bars are solid pieces that can be taken out and moved around with ease. This is a really cool way of doing this. We manufactured a whole new floor using large PVC panels and large amounts of foam blocks. This allowed us a large space to re-build this system, this gives us lots of room to get behind and around the sides to clean this whole system top to bottom.

We had to remove the old log ramp and created a fresh new one. This has a new style of hump to allow for easier accent and will prevent kids from sliding down them. 

The snakes you can see here, have all been manufactured, delivered and installed by us. We created the snakes using two tones of pvc and and foam padding. We even went as far as to drawing custom faces on every single one.