Our Signiture AirPit is really turning heads wherever they go. We have so many sizes to choose from, each can be especially tailored to suit your needs. This involves the sizes, coloures and any branding you may want. 

Below you can see some of the sizes we offer.

5m x 3m with side walls included

6m x 6m Flatbed

6m x 4m with top walls included

4m x 3m Flatbed 

4m x 2m Flatbed

Once you have chosen your preferred size, colour and any branding for your team/club, we then manufacture inhouse at our fully equipped workshop using the highest spec materials inline with BS/EN requirements.

Our units are tested in house and are sent out with a manufacture warranty and Health and Safely Certificate.

AirPit: Soft Lander  

This AirPit style is unique.  The bottom half of the AirPit uses the standard bed from the original AirPit, this gives it the structure and maintains its usual shape. But the top of the Airpit has been adapted by custom making a tumble track and attaching it on top via Velcro. In doing this, it creates a softer landing used primarily for landing on your back.

Soft lander AirPit 


6m x 2.5m 

Soft lander AirPit 


11.5m x 3.5m 

Here we have some videos sent in from happy customers!

Bracknell Gymnastics 

Godiva Awakes Trust (Imagineer Productions) 

Blackwood Trampoline Sports (AUS) 

Please email service@mdsleisure.co.uk for further information. 

Reddam Gymnastics


One of our bespoke AirPits was featured on the BBC news after Reddam Gymnastics won four gould medals at a national competition!

Congratulations to them, we were delighted to have helped them to achieve this!