Bespoke inflatables and other crafted creations  expertly built to last

The talented team at MDS Leisure will design and create custom inflatables, screens, covers and other creations to suit your requirements, all exertly built to last. With many years' of experience inspecting, servicing and repairing equipment, Matthew and the team will be able to advise on solutions that will meet your requirements, meet safety standards and be built to last.

Custom made inflatables

The MDS Leisure team is highly experienced in inflatable design, manufacture, inspection, servicing and repair, as well as all the health and safety requirements according to usage. We can design and build inflatable structures to suit a wide range indoor and outdoor uses. From festival stage covers to football pitches, pool inflatables to marathon finish arches, our team will work with you to design and manufacture an inflatable structure to suit your requirements.

AirPit gymnastics mats and tracks

The AirPit is our flagship product range, consisting of air-filled safe landing mats and tumble tracks. AirPit Landing Mats, AirPit Soft Landers and AirPit Tumble Tracks are great assets for gymnastics clubs, both those with a dedicated gymnastics venue and those taking place in a general sports facility. Designed to your precise requirements, AirPit is available in dimensions and colours to fit your space and your branding.

Custom made covers and protection

We also make a variety of covers, screens and padded protection for many different situations in your facilities. We combine Health and Safety expertise with experience of servicing and repairing all kinds of equipment at gymnasiums, sports centres and children's indoor play centres. We understand what needs to be covered to ensure your equipment lasts, and more importantly to ensure the safety of everyone using your facilities.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements!