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AirPit Soft Lander

Gymnastics air filled landing mat

The AirPit Soft Lander is unique and combines the structure of AirPit with the technology behind our AirTrack tumbling mat. Custom designed for situations where a reduced bed depth is required, the Soft Lander provides an excellent landing system for Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) and mini trampoline training. The AirPit Soft Lander also combines well with tumble tracks and floor training.

Stable, soft landing mat for gymnastics

The bottom half of the Soft Lander uses the standard bed from the original AirPit, this gives it a strong structure and ability to maintain shape. On top, a custom made air tumble track is attached with Velcro fastening to create a softer landing bed. Our ‘Three Cell’ air cell system ensures it absorbs impacts well and does not deform to the degree of a normal stunt bag, allowing for rapid return to use, typically within seconds of the gymnast dismounting.

Custom designed to your precise requirements

The AirPit Soft Lander is made from high quality PVC, custom designed and manufactured by our expert team. Colour and size can be tailored to your needs, ensuring your AirPit fits perfectly into your training space and your club colours and branding. The main working sections are always black.

AirPit inflates in just a few minutes and is supplied with a Gibbons Fan inflation device. When not in use the AirPit rolls up for storage: on average the roll will be 1200mm long x 1000mm diameter, however this will depend on the exact size of your AirPit Soft Lander!

AirPit comes with a two-year warranty plus Health and Safety certification for one year. Each AirPit is inflated and inspected prior to shipping to ensure they are safe and suitable for use.


AirPit Landing Mat

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AirPit Soft Lander gymnastics mat by MDS Leisure

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