Mission Statement

We will examine everything that we do and will constantly seek ways to improve our product, service and performance.

We will look at the site, the client, and the requirements to create a product or service that fits all three, we will not produce or do anything that does not meet the client’s requirements and expectations.

We will ensure that the health & safety of ourselves, our clients, their customers and anyone else who may be affected by our undertakings is addressed at all levels of the business and throughout our works.

We will endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling where possible, combining visits as efficiently as possible and by re-using materials where we can.

We will always be open to new and exciting ideas and possibilities, we at MDS believe that diversity drives innovation and welcome all within our workplace and with all we are involved with, people thrive when they can be who they are.

We will deal with client concerns as a priority.

The satisfaction of client expectations is the most important thing to all of us at MDS.


Matthew Sweed
Business owner