Soft Play Inspection and Servicing

Our senior engineers, Matthew and David, inspect, service, repair, improve, design and install soft play systems. With over 25 years experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge and truly understand every aspect, from health and safety to the importance of every nut, bolt and piece of string!

Our team can also carry out play area hygiene services, cleaning your entire play system, including the balls and ball pits.

Indoor single and multi-level soft play inspection

Carrying out thorough inspection is of paramount importance. Matthew, our chief inspector at MDS Leisure, carries out all play system inspections and will be onsite at all times during the inspection. 

Upon completion, the Matthew will take time to talk you through the findings and action required. Then, within 2 working days, we will provide a full inspection report on the general condition and also specific potential issues, accompanied by photographs to illustrate issues. Each issue will be graded under a ‘traffic light’ risk assessment system, enabling you to prioritise corrective work.

Following the inspection report, the MDS Leisure team can return to carry out repairs and replacements, health and safety consultancy and improvements  at your convenience. 

Play system Health and Safety audit

This can be completed as a part of the play system inspection or separately to accompany inspection by another company or in house, here we will asses the findings and cross reference with a play centres accident records and also any maintenance of equipment failures to provide an in depth report that can be used to improve a centres overall performance.

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Our quotations are based on the size of your installation and include the inspection, report and any ongoing support that you may require with regard to the report and our findings.

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