Play Area Hygiene

In addition to inspecting, servicing and repairing your play area system, our team also provides a cleaning service.

Play system cleaning service

MDS Leisure provide comprehensive cleaning and hygiene services for soft play installations, equipment. Our services include;

• High level cleaning
• Slide and tube cleaning
• Dust downs
• Concealed windows

Play area ball pit cleaning

We sanitise play area ball pits. With many years' experience, the MDS team has a wealth of experience plus all the equipment required to ensure your ball pit and play area are clean, hygienic and safe for children to play in.

Children’s ball pits are hot beds for bacteria, accumulating debris that sinks to the bottom of the pit during use. It is recommended that these popular play pits are thoroughly cleaned at least four times a year, with the balls sanitised to destroy any bacteria. Regular deep cleaning by our team, who can also repair any issues at the same time, will ensure your ball pit remains safe and hygienic.

The MDS ball washing service

The MDS team extract the balls from your ball pit using a large suction tube. This tube feeds the balls directly into the washing unit where the balls are drawn through a sanitizing solution that kills the bacteria. The solution used is weak enough to keep the balls safe for children to play with, yet the duration of contact between solution and ball ensures a very high level of sanitation.

The balls are blown from the machine into a waiting net bag to dry before they are returned to the ball pit: it is essential for the balls to dry naturally to allow a full sanitization.

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