Full on-site repair and replacement service

for arena nets and curtains



Hem Damage

Replacement sections

New tabs

Whole canvas replacement




From small holes, large rips and missing sections to full curtains. MDS will come to site and repair your curtains no matter the state.

MDS uses a heavy-duty, twin needle industrial sewing machine that easily stitches the material using a very strong thread; before sewing takes place, the torn fabric is trimmed to reduce the fluffy edges produced when canvas rips and the rip is then folded and double stitched to produce a tidy, professional and strong repair.


Where required, new canvas sections can be sewn into a curtain to replace lost or badly damaged material, this includes completely replacing the canvas.


Colour matching will vary due to varying colour batches and age of material.

White Oak Leisure Centre 

we replaced the canvas, added new clips, re hung and adjusted the drop lines so the curtain sits level. 

This is the curtain over at Doug Ellis Sports Centre. The extent of the damage was unspeakable. But no task is too small for us. We fully replaced all the canvas on-site and tidied up all the netting at the top. Now its looking as good as new.

This curtain you see below was pain stakingly created in a room that less than a quater of the size of the actuall curtain... This was installed in Ringwood L.C 

Putting this curtain up was a struggle. The weight of the fabric in this scale is crazy. Whilst installing you need to be very conscious of this because to much weight on one side of the lift and it will fall over.

But once it’s up on the rail, it looks phenomenal. 

The pictures above show a new high-level net fitted by MDS from the balcony handrail to the ceiling, this net was fitted to prevent balls, shuttlecocks etc passing onto the balcony and the gym roof.

Damaged net where the velcro strips that attach the net to the rebound boards have been torn away, MDS repaired the net and the velcro strips in situe.



Health and safety.


Full written risk assessments are available for any works undertaken by MDS Leisure, these assessments are completed by NEBOSH qualified staff.