Play System Cleaning and Ball Washing 

Ball Wash


MDS Leisure have been sanitising ball pits for many years and have a wealth of experience and all the equipment required to make sure that your ball pit and play area are clean, hygienic and safe for children to play in 


Childrens ball pits are hot beds for various bacteria and accumulate debris which sinks to the bottom of the ball pit during use, to keep these popular play features safe for use it is recommended that they are cleaned at the very least four times per year with the balls being sanitised to destroy any bacteria.


MDS extract the balls by means of a large suction tube, this tube feeds the balls directly into the washing unit where the balls are drawn through a sanitising solution that kills the bacteria, this is a week solution to keep the balls safe for children to play with, yet the duration of contact between solution and ball ensures a very high level of sanitation.


Upon emerging from the sanitising solution the balls are blown from the machine and into a waiting net bag to allow for storage before returning to the ball pit, it is essential for the balls to dry naturally to allow a full sanitising process.


Once clear of balls the pit itself is cleared of debris and sanitised as far as is possible, sadly the carpet type flooring often found in ball pits cannot be sanitised during a standard ball wash, (this service is availible, please see below and ask to be included in quote)  the balls are returned to the pit and complete the drying process over the next ten hours, this time depends on conditions such as temperature and ventilation.


By prior agreement the play pit balls can be left stored in our bags to dry and then returned to the pit by your own staff.


After each clean a certificate is issued to show that the balls have been sanitized, and when they are next due for sanitising

System deep clean

we are also happy to quote for cleaning and hygiene services to the rest of the play system, including;

  • High level cleans
  • Slide and tube cleaning
  • Dust downs
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleans
  • Concealed windows

Contact us for a quotation tailored to your play area's requirements