MDS Leisure

An insight to who we are


MDS Leisure was started by two brothers, Matthew and David Sweed. Their first contract was deep cleaning pubs, from that they progressed to sanitizing children's soft play areas and ball pits. One day they noticed that part of the soft play area was in need of maintenance, so... they fixed it!


David left MDS for a while and Matthew soldiered on alone. Winning contracts throughout London and the South Coast with his unique ability for hand stitching and reassembling heavy duty materials. This led him onto, or should we say "into" inflatable repairs.                

His unusual approach for repairing the inflatables from the inside out led leisure centre staff to nickname him "The Inflatable Man"


Matthew is a fully qualified Nebosh (level three) Health and Safety Risk Assessor, and  PIPA inspector. David holds both PASMA and IPAF certification.

Matthew, Julie and David were joined by Tyron Buckle who now holds the role of resident artist and soon to be CAD designer. This will be extremely helpful to Matthew due to most of his ideas still residing in his head. Soon we will be able to produce industry-level blueprints of the various inflatables we create. Meaning we can produce more and sell more. 

They have also been joined by Michelle Sweed, "Shelly" who handles all customer enquiries and booking as well as most office duties.


 Matthew Sweed

In the rare moments when Matthew isn't working he can be found zooming around on his motorbike, attending charity events like the New Forest Bike night that raises funds for the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance and motorcycle Santa's bringing fun and presents to the children of the armed forces who have lost a parent in combat. The Nifty Fifties challenge where we raise money for the mental health charity SANE. 

 His first love as an ex-chef is cooking and he is a real foodie. He can often be found in the kitchen producing some amazing food.  His paella is legendary! 

He also loves watching documentaries on the telly box, music, and steampunk and Victoriana.

Julie Sweed

Julie when not working for MDS Leisure, enjoys her first love Hairdressing, with her own business T.O.C Hairdressing. She is a keen gardener and handywoman! She loves riding her motorbike "Moses", previously she has been an actor and singer, starring in the leading roles of "Principle Boy" in several pantomimes. She also loves music and good food. (she is also always right!)


David Sweed

When David is not working for MDS Leisure, he is a keen DIY expert and all round handyman! He also enjoys cooking and listening to music, watching films and riding his motorbike. Dave also is a fully qualified Mechanic, he also holds IPAF and PASMA certificates.

Michelle Sweed, Shelly

Michelle Sweed (Shelly) is the younger sister of Matthew and David. As an HNC qualified graphic designer; she enjoys photography and a multitude of arts and crafts. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and friends. she hopes to train and compete with her border collie in dog agility. She has ambitions of qualifying to compete in Kennel Club finals at the Olympia London International Horse Show.

Tyron Buckle

 In his spare time, Tyron likes to draw a magnitude of different things. Mostly consisting of different styles of architecture and Dystopian future cityscapes. When he’s not working he is almost always found at his desk… gaming or designing new things in CAD. Soon he will be able produce industry standard drawings with precise specifications and measurements.