Paultons Park - Pepa Pig World


We are proud of our client base and work hard each year with Paultons Park in Hampshire to keep Pepa Pig world a safe and lively enviorment for thousands of children to play in each year.  This is our third year working with Paultons and here is the refit, repair and replacement pictures.

Funny bones - Collooney (Ireland) 

Our friends over Ireland wanted a custom made infinity floor with a cuircular cut out. This proved to be a monumental task, But we still did it.

We built a full climbing area from scratch and used custom alphabet climbing grips. this wall however should not traversed sideways not all the way up. 

JR Zone - Isle of White

This large play centre over in Isle of White requested a new section to be built. including a full tumble tower called The Avalanche. They also wanted to fix up there suspended rope bridge. One of the largest rope bridges in a indoor play centre.

We also created a large custom made infinity floor comprised of a mirror and lots of LEDs. 

This walkway is very uniqe as it was the love child of out lead engineer Matt. he always wanted to make one for something and was finally given a chance.

Pirates landing - Camberley

In Camberley we were tasked with completely renovating the system with new foam and graphics.

We had to remove the big circular tower due to saftey concernes but it makes the whole system seem more open and fresh.

All the new artwork was designed and put together in house by our resident artist Tyron Buckle.

As you can see we also had to replace the floor due to the tower distorting the old floor. These were also done in house by our engineers Matt and Dave.