Bellow are just a few examples of our extensive experience and works within the soft play world, with 20 years experience we pride our selves on our knowledge and experience!

We at MDS Leisure like nothing more than being challenged to come up with something new, so give us a call to discuss what you need, or maybe just an idea you may like to bring to life!

Paultons Park - Pepa Pig World


We work hard each year with "Paultons Park" in Hampshire to keep "Pepa Pig World" a safe and lively enviornment for thousands of children to play in. Below are some of our recent refit, repair and replacement pictures.










A simple replacement for the clear strips in the bustchers curtain, this device helps contain the foam balls located in this area










These hump features are great fun for kids but can wear excessive along the edges and corners, we removed, recovered and refitted these during recent works






The clamber logs on this access ramp were replaced entire, foa, skin and backing board.

this was required as after years of heavey use theye were beyond economical repair.

the suport ramp was recovered and reused as we at MDS do not like to needlessly discard servicable items.












A simple entry step recover, the item was completed to match the original










The webbing deck feratured here was removed from the system and re-machined, it is common for these to strap to pull apart after long periods of use.










A new base rail was added in to the system to allow the new Spider Web feature to be installed in place of a damaged old feature.










This is a hard plastic slide with soft padded orange lane guides,

these were removed and re-uphosltered on site.

Ringwood Health and Leisure Centre

The above pictures detail the alterations that we completed in this area, two system legs that were sited in the centre of the todlers floor area were removed and a truss was created to suport the upper sections.

The above hump feature was of no purpose in this area, it was removed, recovered and moved onto an upper floor (picture to the left) the ball pit was expaned into the new space.

The client was happy with the existing colours,  but for a little twist we alternated the end colours on the logs to freshen it up, a simple and effective improvement.

The above picture shows the new cover on the ball pit entry ramp, the foam fillers on some of these ramps are very costly to replace, so where we can we try to re-use.


Funny bones - Collooney (Ireland) 

Our friends over Ireland wanted a custom made infinity floor with a circular cut out. This proved to be a monumental task, But we still managed it.

We built a full climbing area into the soft play with padded backing boards  and custom alphabet climbing grips. this wall should be traversed sideways and a ceiling net was required to stop climbers accessing higher levels than intended. 

JR Zone - Isle of White

This large play centre over on the Isle of Wight requested a new section to be built. including a full tumble tower called The Avalanche. They also wanted to fix up there suspended rope bridge. One of the largest rope bridges in an indoor play centre.

We also created a large custom made infinity floor comprised of a mirror and lots of LEDs. 

This walkway is very unique as it was the love child of our lead engineer Matt. he always wanted to make one for something and was finally given a chance.

MDS Leisure

specialise in full playsystem refurbs, from redesigning, moving, replacing or even adding on new features.


Shown below are the links to the galleries of our latests refurbs.

Bowood House

Kidspace Ireland

JR Zone
Hidden Treasure 

Bowood House


We battled through snow and ice to complete this unusual system.  Adding in a toddlers play area and custom banners, we commissioned a talented artist for a unique and classy style.


An infinity floor and wall was also added along with many new features.


JR Zone: Isle of White


We installed a whole new section called Arctic blast back in 2016 and repaired a huge free hung rope bridge that we had installed in 2014.

JR Zone Gallery

Pirates landing: Camberley


We tackled this refurb on a strict time limit as the owners had an opening party planned! we re padded, repaired and re-branded with all new graphics, all the art work produced and printed in house!

Camberly Gallery 



Paultons Park (Peppa Pig world) 

This is a very important customer of ours. We have repaired and replaced many of the floor mats and deck boards. We pride ourselves on working with such a prestigious customer and we are looking forward to working with them on more future projects!

Drimsynie Estate: Scotland 


Another spectacular refurbishment for our new customer in the north. Tis was a bare metal refurb, all that remained of the original system was the spiral tube slide! its like new!

Drimsnie Estate Gallery