Indoor single and multi level soft play inspection

Our senior engineers Matthew and David have been working with soft play for more than twenty years and have really seen it all, they have repaired, improved, designed and installed, this means that we bring a wealth of knoledge to bear on all of our inspections.

 We dont just tick boxes, we trully understand soft play,

every nut, bolt and piece of string in them!

One of our senior engineers will be responsible for the inspection and they will be onsite at all times during the inspection, getting this work completed correctly and thoroughly is of paramount inportance to us.

Upon compleation the engineer will take time to talk you through our findings and what, if anything should be considered in regard to our findings.

Within a couple of working days we will issue you with a full report on your play equipment, this will be in the form of photographs and notes.

Every finding will gradded under a "traffic light" style priority system, this is a very simple visual system to prioratise from.

To discuse your requirements please contact us, we are happy to discus your concerns and requirements, we love talking soft play!

Our quotations are based on the size of your instalation and include the report and any ongoing suport that you may require with regard to the report and our findings, here at MDS we take our clients needs very seriously! it is after all in our interest to help you to be the best that you can be!