Keeping Peppa Pig World safe at Paultons Park.

George's Spaceship indoor play zone at Paultons Park's Peppa Pig World
George's Spaceship indoor play zone at Paultons Park's Peppa Pig World

Each year MDS Leisure work hard with Paultons Park in Hampshire to keep Peppa Pig World a safe and lively environment where thousands of children can play. Recently we carried out a refit, repair and replacement service in the indoor play zone, George’s Spaceship.

With over 20 years’ experience inspecting and repairing children’s soft play systems, we were quickly able to mend the wear and tear issues on this popular Peppa Pig World attraction, replacing some items like-for-like to keep it looking smart and ensure children could play in safety.

Repairs to soft play sections

Several sections of the soft play system needed to be replaced completely; after many years of heavy use, they were beyond repair. We recovered and reused the support ramp as we do not needlessly discard serviceable items. Onto this, we replaced the backing board, foam and upholstery covering.

We removed, recovered and refitted the green hump features, that had worn excessively along the edges and corners. And we recovered entry steps, matching to the original design.


Peppa Pig World access ramp repair by MDS Leisure

Repaired clamber log access ramp.

George's Spaceship at Paultons Park

Soft play hump area repairs.

Repair to soft play step at Peppa Pig World by MDS Leisure

Replacement entry step.

Health and safety repairs

In addition to the soft play upholstery, various other sections of the play system required urgent attention.

In the ball pit area, we replaced the clear strips in the butcher’s curtain, which is the device helping to contain the foam balls located in this area.

A hard plastic slide had very worn soft padded orange lane guides. Our team removed and re-upholstered these on site.

We added a new base rail to the play system to allow a new Spider Web feature to be installed in place of a damaged old feature. In addition, the webbing deck featured below was removed from the system and re-machined. It is common for these to strap to pull apart after long periods of use.


Slide replacement hand rails by MDS Leisure

Repair to slide padded hand rails.

Replacement butcher curtain to Peppa Pig World ball pit by MDS Leisure

Repair to butcher's curtain.

Soft play inspection and repair by MDS Leisure

New base rail to spider's web.

Repair to soft play system at Paultons Park by MDS Leisure

Mended webbing deck.

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